Easter: Fear It No More

Fear. Raw tangible fear. It’s not what people think of when Easter arrives. For many it’s the beginning of spring. Happy little bunnies and chicks jumping around. But what was the first Easter really like?

Easter is about Christ. He was arrested: God’s innocent Son. When He was charged, they didn’t even have a true witness, yet His own people wanted Him dead. And it wasn’t like today where inmates languish for more than a decade before they get the death sentence enacted. It was sudden, almost instantaneous. Cruel.jesus-arrested-04[1]

The people who should’ve been afraid weren’t. They denied Him. They called Him a liar.

The sick, the lepers, the blind. They must’ve fallen to the ground as Christ’s sentence was proclaimed. The ones healed by his gentle touch. Was it true what the religious people said about Christ being a fake? Would their miracle revert when He took his last breath? Would they have to return to the squalor they had been raised from?

The disciples. They ran and hid. Abandoned Him at His lowest.

Fear rang out in the land. An earthquake and hours of darkness crashed as He hung on the cross. Jesus sucked in his last breath. The veil in the holy temple was sheered in two. bust_of_Jesus_on_the_Cross[1]Three days passed.

There were tears and mourning. CHRIST’S beloved followers and disciples couldn’t believe He was gone. The healed watched for the slightest change in their status.

A new day. CHRIST rose from the dead. Fear turned to unbelief. Unbelief to joy.


No more fear. Jesus said, “Be not afraid.”  (Matthew 28:10) The healed remained renewed. The believers were given hope. All because CHRIST, God’s son, was resurrected.

Let the fear die here. Jesus Christ revived and returned. As He said he would. For You. For Me. This Easter we have so much to be thankful for. Let us live without fear.


Winter-weary warriors, wait no more!

This amazing writer always sparks my thoughts when I read her posts. Read and See what I mean.

The Portrait Writer

It has always been difficult for me to choose a favorite season. I can easily narrow my list down to four finalists, but then I’m pretty much stumped.

Today though, I’m rather certain I like spring best, particularly after a winter as long as we’ve had in Northern Virginia. (Yes, I can hear my New England family saying, “Winter? We’ll show you winter!” All I can say is that for some reason, I’m not pining as much as usual to visit you.)

Across most of the nation, winter receded like an ocean tide this year, ebbing and advancing. With each advance we received yet another blanket of snow, another no-school day, another bring-in-more-wood-for-the-fireplace night, another too-cold-to-leave-the-bed morning.

We’re weary, and some of us are even a bit gloomy. It’s been that kind of winter. But now we’re finally stumbling out of our homes, still dazed and a little hibernation-groggy, and we…

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Nuggets – Walk Before Me

This post has a great way of looking out how we should live, face to face with God. And nothing in between.


  Walk before Me

“I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou perfect.” (Genesis 17:1) Abraham had been “walking” in the land of Canaan nearly 25 years when God gave this command to him. He had experienced the shameful rebuke in Egypt by Pharaoh and a marvelous victory against Chedorlaomer—and then had demonstrated both humility and obedience before Melchizedek.

God had been explicit in His promises to Abraham, but the promised  had not yet come. Now, in spite of the awful lapse of faith with Hagar and the nagging burden of Ishmael, God insisted that Abraham “walk before” Him and “be perfect.” The Hebrew language here is unusual. The word translated “before me” is  basically meaning “the face.” This is the term used in the first commandment where we are told to “have no other gods before me” (Exodus 20:3). In Genesis 17:1, the phrase could well be…

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The New Cell Phone: I Want What You Have!

My husband got a new phone yesterday. His old one isn’t even two years old and was on its third battery. It was time to see what could be done. Of course I wasn’t happy about it since we hadn’t finished out the whole two year contract and I wanted to go a different route when it did finish. But he insisted. I have to admit, why should we pay for a phone we can’t use for the next six months. He had me there.guy with phoneSo I grudgingly went to the cell phone store with him. It wasn’t pretty. I even had to apologize for some things I said to the salesman later (I blame it on my straight forward nature).When that salesman whipped out the new phone we could purchase, my curiosity was more than piqued. The screen was at least a third larger than my old phone. It was less than half as thick and seemed somewhat lighter. Hmmm.

But I wanted to shoot it down, make him wait it out. So I targeted the photo ability of the camera. My own phone can’t take a picture that’s not in perfect light for anything. I made my husband stand in the shadows, in the sun, under fluorescent lighting. They turned out amazing.I didn’t want to hand him back the phone at this point. Could I take it and let him use mine? Now, I know you’re thinking that’s not right. But I’m the one who takes pictures of everything, not him. I need a sleeker model to fit better in my pocket. I need the bigger screen because I text and message way more than he does.

It’s at this point the big, ugly monster of coveting is more than filling the room. Verses begin to fill my head. What right to I have to his phone? Why are my reasons for having it more important than his? I can’t deny that I’m wrong here.

It’s surprising how easily that monster engulfed me, and about something I don’t normally struggle with. It was a great reminder to always be on the lookout, keep god’s word hidden in my heart for future use, and to think about someone else first.

Have you struggled with this recently? How did you deal with it?

Painting Bunnies for Easter

My artistic juices have been flowing for the past few weeks like crazy. I’ve wanted to start a new painting but couldn’t decide what to do. I even bought some square 12×12 canvases for a certain painting group, but it wasn’t working for me just yet. So what to do?

With all the snow we’ve had, I was ready to put away all my winter decorations and pull out the spring ones. When I unwrapped the bunnies and carrots and other decorations, I found a ceramic bunny daddy with five little babies around him that I’ve been meaning to repaint since my kids were little. It carried special meaning because each bunny represented one of my kids. This was the day. I knew when I looked at it, I was finally going to get around to redoing him.2015-03-12 18.13.06

He once had dull colors with no real detail or shadowing. There were a few places where the ceramic chipped away over time. It needed a major redo. So I pulled out my supplies and acrylic paint and got to work yesterday. Picking the right colors can be a challenge for a painter. And yesterday was no exception. I played around with this and that until I knew exactly what I wanted and before I knew it, the piece began to shine.

The process reminded me of Christ and what he does to renew us. Sometimes he strips us down and builds us back up and sometimes he’s able to work with what’s there to make it better by adding this lesson of color and that detail of his word to our hearts.

You can do the same thing with old ceramic items or even glass. Check out Your Decorative Painting Resource for paints you can use. It could make a fun project that’ll save you from throwing away a perfectly good item you’re tired of.

Now with the bunnies looking fresh and new, I can’t wait to set them out with the other spring things that make me dust off winter and get ready for the new season.

Do you have any projects you’ve rejuvenated lately? Comment below and let me know about them.

6 Tips to Get Your Husband to Shop With You

Man Shopping

It is possible to get your husband to shop with you. And you might find that you like it if you’re willing to take the risk and invite him. I love to shop with my hubby. Now, I’m talking about clothes shopping. Groceries are a whole other matter.

It’s great to have him on hand to grab a different size or color of an outfit. He’s the best at navigating the mall. And he’s so generous, he lets me get what I want within reason. But it takes some work on my part to make it happen.

Here’s how I do it:

  • Incentive is the key to getting your husband to shop with you. Make a deal with him that he’s willing to accept, like you’ll take out the trash for him this week if he goes.
  • Shop where you know he can sit and relax or read while you try on clothing.
  • Reward him with his favorite lunch.
  • Buy him a treat like the sports cap he’s been wanting.
  • Give him enough notice to prepare for the long day.
  • Keep him hydrated. Men don’t handle thirst well. Make sure he has a drink on hand.

Try these tips. You might be surprised to see what a great time you can have with the man you love the most.

Does your husband already shop with you? Comment below and tell me whether if you love it or hate it.