Cindy’s Nonsense of Snow~

Do you remember Smila who had a “Sense of Snow?” I loved the book and movie about her, and the way she could interpert subtle changes in the snowy region where she lived, that other people couldn’t see or understand.
I unlike Smila, can make no sense of snow.


In fact, I am mildly afraid of snow, oh heck, make that more than mildly.

My fear comes from growing up in Southern California where there is no snow worth speaking about, and traveling regularly to ski various mountains since I was young. Mammoth in the Sierras has more snow than many high mountain ranges.
There is more snow averaged over the years in Mammoth than the Rocky Mountains. Here is the snow looking out the SECOND FLOOR kitchen window in our rented condo unit today.

Here is the snow resting against our second floor balcony’s sliding glass window. This is…

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The Psychology of Ice Cream

Four Foxes, One Hound

Today’s guest Fox is Heather Gray.


I’ve decided that you can tell a lot about a person by knowing their favorite ice cream flavor.

For example, I prefer coffee flavored ice cream. That says I’m bold, intelligent, and philosophical. (Mint chocolate chip is my second favorite, which means I like to laugh and that I’m thoughtful and daring.) Then there’s my son. He likes chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. He likes the familiar while still enjoying variety, and he’s handsome. (Yes, his ice cream choice says that.) My husband is a connoisseur of cookies and cream, which tells me that he likes to be around people who make him laugh, enjoys badly-dubbed Kung Fu movies, and prefers solitude over crowds.

Variety in ice cream is like variety in life. We can’t all be the same, and really, who’d want to be? So what does your favorite ice cream say…

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Memorial Day: What’s to Celebrate?

This is what it means to celebrate Memorial Day!

The Portrait Writer

Author’s Note: Re-posting from last year, because some messages don’t change.


How do You Celebrate Memorial Day?

That was a trick question.

Across the country, folks are firing up those backyard barbecue grills, stocking the beer coolers, brewing sweet tea, and hunting through the garage for the horseshoes and lawn chairs. Company’s a-comin’ and it’s sure to be a day of fellowship and relaxation.

Partiers and politicians alike will make mention in their toasts and speeches of “those who died in defense of this nation” as if it’s a public service announcement. Something to check off  on their “to-do” lists for the day.

But there are also people across the land who are hurting today, for whom this day intensifies the memories of loved ones who didn’t come home. A folded flag presentation. A stone marker in Arlington or any one of the nation’s 131 veteran’s cemeteries. An empty seat at…

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Year of Jubilee!

My writer friend, Peggy Trotter, deserves all the praise on her accomplishment of getting published. She’s an amazing writer who is going to go far. Check out this interview.


Year of Jubilee 300 by 450 pixelsSONY DSC

Scars from Jubilee’s past keep her in constant fear of her new husband. Can she learn to trust again?

Hi everyone! My friend and critique partner, Peggy Trotter launches her debut novel today! It’s a historical Christian romance that I greatly enjoyed reading.I hope you enjoy this chance to learn more about Peggy, and her book!

Let’s get started with the interview!

This is such an interesting story. Where did you get the idea for it?

Wow.  This is such a hard question.  A form of this story has been in my head for years, but I finally wrote it down about six years ago. It started with an idea of a woman trying to make it on her own before modern conveniences.

How much of yourself is in Jubilee and your other characters?

Jubilee has fears, both real and imagined.  I think I overthink things too much, much like…

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Winter-weary warriors, wait no more!

This amazing writer always sparks my thoughts when I read her posts. Read and See what I mean.

The Portrait Writer

It has always been difficult for me to choose a favorite season. I can easily narrow my list down to four finalists, but then I’m pretty much stumped.

Today though, I’m rather certain I like spring best, particularly after a winter as long as we’ve had in Northern Virginia. (Yes, I can hear my New England family saying, “Winter? We’ll show you winter!” All I can say is that for some reason, I’m not pining as much as usual to visit you.)

Across most of the nation, winter receded like an ocean tide this year, ebbing and advancing. With each advance we received yet another blanket of snow, another no-school day, another bring-in-more-wood-for-the-fireplace night, another too-cold-to-leave-the-bed morning.

We’re weary, and some of us are even a bit gloomy. It’s been that kind of winter. But now we’re finally stumbling out of our homes, still dazed and a little hibernation-groggy, and we…

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Nuggets – Walk Before Me

This post has a great way of looking out how we should live, face to face with God. And nothing in between.


  Walk before Me

“I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou perfect.” (Genesis 17:1) Abraham had been “walking” in the land of Canaan nearly 25 years when God gave this command to him. He had experienced the shameful rebuke in Egypt by Pharaoh and a marvelous victory against Chedorlaomer—and then had demonstrated both humility and obedience before Melchizedek.

God had been explicit in His promises to Abraham, but the promised  had not yet come. Now, in spite of the awful lapse of faith with Hagar and the nagging burden of Ishmael, God insisted that Abraham “walk before” Him and “be perfect.” The Hebrew language here is unusual. The word translated “before me” is  basically meaning “the face.” This is the term used in the first commandment where we are told to “have no other gods before me” (Exodus 20:3). In Genesis 17:1, the phrase could well be…

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