Flight of the Fairies

I want to start a new online business to sell some of my artwork. I’ve had so much fun researching and working toward turning some of my paintings into prints. I used acrylic paints to paint some new pieces. Here’s a trio I did to get started.

Aren’t they adorable?Aqua Fairy

Purple Fairy

Pink FairyTill next time…


Painting Bunnies for Easter

My artistic juices have been flowing for the past few weeks like crazy. I’ve wanted to start a new painting but couldn’t decide what to do. I even bought some square 12×12 canvases for a certain painting group, but it wasn’t working for me just yet. So what to do?

With all the snow we’ve had, I was ready to put away all my winter decorations and pull out the spring ones. When I unwrapped the bunnies and carrots and other decorations, I found a ceramic bunny daddy with five little babies around him that I’ve been meaning to repaint since my kids were little. It carried special meaning because each bunny represented one of my kids. This was the day. I knew when I looked at it, I was finally going to get around to redoing him.2015-03-12 18.13.06

He once had dull colors with no real detail or shadowing. There were a few places where the ceramic chipped away over time. It needed a major redo. So I pulled out my supplies and acrylic paint and got to work yesterday. Picking the right colors can be a challenge for a painter. And yesterday was no exception. I played around with this and that until I knew exactly what I wanted and before I knew it, the piece began to shine.

The process reminded me of Christ and what he does to renew us. Sometimes he strips us down and builds us back up and sometimes he’s able to work with what’s there to make it better by adding this lesson of color and that detail of his word to our hearts.

You can do the same thing with old ceramic items or even glass. Check out Your Decorative Painting Resource for paints you can use. It could make a fun project that’ll save you from throwing away a perfectly good item you’re tired of.

Now with the bunnies looking fresh and new, I can’t wait to set them out with the other spring things that make me dust off winter and get ready for the new season.

Do you have any projects you’ve rejuvenated lately? Comment below and let me know about them.

Wanna See My Whimsical Artwork?

My creative juices got a kick start in the fall when a friend of mine commissioned a painting from me. With trepidation, I searched and questioned and worked out the general feel of the piece to be painted. It was going to take me out of my comfort zone of style for sure. I questioned my sanity more than once when I took the on project. Not because I didn’t want to do the work, but because it was going to be a work of art different from anything I’d ever done.

It was a large set of three canvases. When they came in the mail, I pulled them free of their wrappings and set them out. Boy were they bigger than I’d pictured in my mind. Then the acrylic paints arrived along with some brushes.

It took me a couple weeks to dare Continue reading

Staycations Are the Best

This week has been a staycation for my husband and I. We’ve relaxed more this week than probably all year put together. The kids are at camp and my husband managed to get most of the week off.

I do have an admission to make. No writing got done. It’s worth the extra work I’ll have to do to make up the time, too.

Painting with Acrylics

Want to know what I’ve been up to? Here’s some pictures to give you an idea.

We also went up to the mountains for a BBQ and watched lots of TV.

I’ll be so excited to see my kids, but this staycation has been amazing.

I painted this in one night.
This puzzle is a real challenge.
Faith Departed by Elizabeth Maddrey has be a great read.

Our First Big Assembly for Memphis Learns the Hard Way

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the original illustrations in my newest illustrated book.

Tomorrow’s the big day. Karla Gragg and I are doing our first assembly at Culpeper Christian School for Memphis Learns the Hard Way! It’s exciting and scary and fantastic all at the same time.

God is so good. We have a book signing lined up at a fundraiser craft fair next week and because the school fit us in this week, we can advertise to our target audience for the book signing.

I can’t wait to share with the kids how God can use everyone of us to His glory with the gifts He’s given us. This next generation that’s coming up need to know that they have a purpose. That purpose is to live out loud, step out on faith, and grab ahold of all God has for us. For me it’s to write and illustrate. For others the sky is only limited by them.

May God open the door for us to go to other schools and share the hope that is in us with more children and teens.