Cooking for the Busy Folks

The other day I was thinking about the next recipe I wanted to post. My mental recipe book was open as I flipped through the pages and considered this and that when it hit me like a fast ball in the thigh. Everything I post to y’all usually comes from one box or another of prepared food. Gasp. A moment of silence please. What was the cyber world going to think of a mother Continue reading


Leftover Casserole

6 cups   Prepared Stuffing

2 cups   Shredded Turkey

1 cup   Gravy

2 cups   Shredded Cheddar Cheese

1 1/2 cups   Cooked Broccoli

Optional: Cooked Bacon chopped

  1. Combine ingredients.
  2. Place in a 13×9 casserole dish.
  3. Heat in oven at 375 degrees for 20-25 minutes or until golden on top.
  4. Serve.

Makes 6-8 servings.

Chocolate Coffee Punch

One of my favorite drinks during the holidays is this recipe. The kids beg for it every year.

16 cups   Water

2 cups   Hot Cocoa Mixchocolate punch

3/4 cup   Sugar

1/2 cup   Instant Coffee granules

1/2 gallon    Chocolate Ice Cream

  1. Boil water.
  2. Add cocoa, sugar, and coffee.
  3. Refrigerate 4 hours.
  4. Add Ice cream and serve.

Kielbasa Sausage Casserole

2014-11-02 01.22.42

2 fully cooked 13 0z.   Kielbasa Sausage links

3   Scalloped potato boxed mixes

  1. Boil sausage for 5 minutes.
  2. To make scalloped potatoes, do step one according to box directions.
  3. Drain sausage then cut into thin slices.
  4. Put sausage and potatoes in 11×14 casserole dish and bake for the allotted time (about 25 minutes) on the scalloped potato box at 450 degrees until golden brown.

Serving size: 6-7

Shepherd’s Pie

This recipe was one of my favorites that my Italian mother-in-law used to make for the family. The gravy makes this casserole dish very flavorful.

2 lb.   Ground Hamburger Meat

2 tsp.   Garlic

2 tsp.   Oregano

1 tsp.   Pepper

4 packets  Brown or Onion Gravy Mix

1  38 oz. can   Cut Green beans – drained

Instant Mashed Potatoes – 11 servings made according to box directions

8 oz.   Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese

  1. Brown hamburger meat. Drain fat from hamburger meat once browned. While it’s cooking, make the mashed potatoes according to the box directions.
  2. Boil 3 cups of water. Whisk all the gravy packets into the water.
  3. Pour gravy into cooked meat.
  4. Layer a 13×9 casserole dish with meat mixture, then green beans, next mashed potatoes, and last the shredded cheese.2014-11-21 19.50.312014-11-21 19.51.442014-11-21 20.01.482014-11-21 20.04.59
  5. Bake for 20 minutes at 375 degrees till cheese is melted and slightly browned.

Makes 6 Servings.

Thanksgiving Meat Stuffing

This is an all-time favorite stuffing recipe with a unique flavore for the holidays. Once again its Italian roots come from my mother-in-law’s recipes.

1 lb.   Ground Italian Sausage2014-11-21 23.01.26

1 lb.   Ground Hamburger Meat

2 Boxes   Stuffing

1 packet   Turkey Gravy Mix


  1. Brown the Italian sausage and the meat.
  2. Prepare the stuffing according to box directions.
  3. Boil 1 cup of water then whisk in turkey gravy packet.
  4. Combine all ingredients and serve.

Makes 10 servings.

Easy Recipes: Kool-Aid Pie

This tangy but not too sweet pie is great fun for the kids to help make, and they’ll enjoy every last bite of it.2014-11-04 14.25.33

1  8 oz. container   Whipped Topping

1 packet   Kool-Aid: any flavor

1 ready-made    Graham Cracker Crust


  • Dump Kool-Aid into container of whipped topping and stir with a spoon until smooth. You may have to use a mixer if it won’t smoothen out, but it’s not usually necessary.2014-11-04 14.31.08
  • Spoon into the ready-made pie crust.2014-11-04 14.35.37
  • Freeze for 4-8 hours.

Ready to serve when solid. You can garnish it with fresh sliced fruit or whipped cream.

Makes 8 servings.

Tortellini Soup

This recipe makes for a spicy soup with bold flavor that’s great for the cold weather season.

4   Beef Bullion Cubes

1   Onion chopped

4 c.   Water

1 can   Diced Tomatoes and Chiles-mild

1 can  15 oz.   Stewed Tomatoes- undrained

1 tsp.   Basil2014-10-30 17.01.23

2 tsp.   Garlic

1   Pound Italian Sausage

2  12-19 oz.   Bags of Frozen Cheese Tortellini

1   Progresso Recipe Starters Soup- Creamy Parmesan Basil

1   Progresso Recipe Starters Soup- Creamy Roasted Garlic or Creamy 3 Cheese


  1. Put the first 7 ingredients in crockpot and set crockpot on high. Cover.
  2. Brown the Italian sausage in frying pan then cut into slices. Put in crockpot.2014-10-30 17.00.01
  3. Make the 2 bags of tortellini according to the package directions.
  4. Put the two Progresso Recipe Starters Soups and cooked tortellini in crockpot.
  5. Once all the ingredients are in crockpot, cook for an additional 30 minutes then serve.

2014-10-30 17.43.24

Serves 6-8.

Easy Recipes: Buffalo Cheese Quesadillas

2014-10-14 01.30.04

8   Medium soft tortilla shells

16 oz.  Ready Cooked Boneless Buffalo Bites ( I like to use Perfectly Cooked Buffalo Bites but any will do)

16 oz.   Shredded cheese

Butter or margarine

  • Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees.
  • Butter one side of each shell. Lay the shells butter-side down. Cut buffalo bites into small chunks.2014-10-14 01.37.40
  • Cover 1/2 of shell with 1/4 cup of cheese and 1/4 cup buffalo bites.
  • Fold in half.2014-10-14 01.39.57
  • Bake for 7 minutes until lightly browned.
  • Serving size: 42014-10-14 01.49.13

Variation: Omit the buffalo bites. Cheese quesadillas are an excellent snack.

Easy Recipe: Miss Betty’s Dump Cake

2014-09-20 16.08.38

1   20 oz. can   Crushed pineapple

1   18-21 oz. can   Any flavor pie filling

1 pkg.   Any flavor cake mix

1/2 cup   Butter or margarine


Grease 13×9 baking pan. Dump first 2 ingredients in baking pan. Mix. Pour dry cake mix, straight from the box, on top. Cut butter into small increments and drop increments on top of dry cake mix.

2014-09-20 16.05.012014-09-20 16.05.45

Cook at 350 degrees for 48-53 minutes. Finished when top is golden brown.

 Variation: Devil’s Food Cake Mix and cherry pie filling