The Psychology of Ice Cream

Four Foxes, One Hound

Today’s guest Fox is Heather Gray.


I’ve decided that you can tell a lot about a person by knowing their favorite ice cream flavor.

For example, I prefer coffee flavored ice cream. That says I’m bold, intelligent, and philosophical. (Mint chocolate chip is my second favorite, which means I like to laugh and that I’m thoughtful and daring.) Then there’s my son. He likes chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. He likes the familiar while still enjoying variety, and he’s handsome. (Yes, his ice cream choice says that.) My husband is a connoisseur of cookies and cream, which tells me that he likes to be around people who make him laugh, enjoys badly-dubbed Kung Fu movies, and prefers solitude over crowds.

Variety in ice cream is like variety in life. We can’t all be the same, and really, who’d want to be? So what does your favorite ice cream say…

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