Pray Before You End Up in the Hospital

My family has been through a lot the last two weeks. My second son got sick, very sick. We took him to a doctor. Then we didn’t follow his advice. Strike one. Then we waited too long. Strike two. And we didn’t prepare. Strike three. What started out as a bad headache in one of our sons was an event that changed our lives forever. After five days with no improvement we finally took the doctor’s advice and headed to the emergency room to have him checked out. I didn’t believe it was anything serious and hated the fact that we were wasting money on an ER visit. I was floored when the doctor came in with a diagnosis and an order to have him transported to a bigger hospital for an extended stay.

Then I started to beat myself up. I’m sure you’d do the same. Why didn’t I take him sooner? Why didn’t I listen to professional advice?

We arrived at the second hospital. This time prepared. I packed clothes and snacks and games. And I prayed: the thing I should’ve been doing to begin with.praying hands[1] I had a peace I’ve never experienced before going through something so scary. This is what I should’ve done before it all started. I’m so thankful God hears us and forgives us. And I’m most glad He answers.

Now, we’re home from the hospital with a couple weeks of I.V. medications administered at home and lots of blood tests along the way. But we’re home. And Thankful. And Remembering to pray sooner.

Have you ever bypassed your prayer life only to fall into a dire situation? Tell me about it in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “Pray Before You End Up in the Hospital

  1. Please don’t beat yourself up Erin, I will do the same! Our daughter has had ongoing issues we took to prayer and the doctor, but have just now found out the cause. Sometimes it’s all in the process we learn how to be better parents. Blessings on you and yours!

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