The New Cell Phone: I Want What You Have!

My husband got a new phone yesterday. His old one isn’t even two years old and was on its third battery. It was time to see what could be done. Of course I wasn’t happy about it since we hadn’t finished out the whole two year contract and I wanted to go a different route when it did finish. But he insisted. I have to admit, why should we pay for a phone we can’t use for the next six months. He had me there.guy with phoneSo I grudgingly went to the cell phone store with him. It wasn’t pretty. I even had to apologize for some things I said to the salesman later (I blame it on my straight forward nature).When that salesman whipped out the new phone we could purchase, my curiosity was more than piqued. The screen was at least a third larger than my old phone. It was less than half as thick and seemed somewhat lighter. Hmmm.

But I wanted to shoot it down, make him wait it out. So I targeted the photo ability of the camera. My own phone can’t take a picture that’s not in perfect light for anything. I made my husband stand in the shadows, in the sun, under fluorescent lighting. They turned out amazing.I didn’t want to hand him back the phone at this point. Could I take it and let him use mine? Now, I know you’re thinking that’s not right. But I’m the one who takes pictures of everything, not him. I need a sleeker model to fit better in my pocket. I need the bigger screen because I text and message way more than he does.

It’s at this point the big, ugly monster of coveting is more than filling the room. Verses begin to fill my head. What right to I have to his phone? Why are my reasons for having it more important than his? I can’t deny that I’m wrong here.

It’s surprising how easily that monster engulfed me, and about something I don’t normally struggle with. It was a great reminder to always be on the lookout, keep god’s word hidden in my heart for future use, and to think about someone else first.

Have you struggled with this recently? How did you deal with it?


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