Painting Bunnies for Easter

My artistic juices have been flowing for the past few weeks like crazy. I’ve wanted to start a new painting but couldn’t decide what to do. I even bought some square 12×12 canvases for a certain painting group, but it wasn’t working for me just yet. So what to do?

With all the snow we’ve had, I was ready to put away all my winter decorations and pull out the spring ones. When I unwrapped the bunnies and carrots and other decorations, I found a ceramic bunny daddy with five little babies around him that I’ve been meaning to repaint since my kids were little. It carried special meaning because each bunny represented one of my kids. This was the day. I knew when I looked at it, I was finally going to get around to redoing him.2015-03-12 18.13.06

He once had dull colors with no real detail or shadowing. There were a few places where the ceramic chipped away over time. It needed a major redo. So I pulled out my supplies and acrylic paint and got to work yesterday. Picking the right colors can be a challenge for a painter. And yesterday was no exception. I played around with this and that until I knew exactly what I wanted and before I knew it, the piece began to shine.

The process reminded me of Christ and what he does to renew us. Sometimes he strips us down and builds us back up and sometimes he’s able to work with what’s there to make it better by adding this lesson of color and that detail of his word to our hearts.

You can do the same thing with old ceramic items or even glass. Check out Your Decorative Painting Resource for paints you can use. It could make a fun project that’ll save you from throwing away a perfectly good item you’re tired of.

Now with the bunnies looking fresh and new, I can’t wait to set them out with the other spring things that make me dust off winter and get ready for the new season.

Do you have any projects you’ve rejuvenated lately? Comment below and let me know about them.


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