Sewing Vintage Costumes

I’ve got a great project I’m working on right now: Sewing vintage outfits.

This year I’m directing the play for our church, and it’s been so much fun working with the actors. It’s a World War 2 play which means great costumes and time period pieces for the stage. Should we rent costumes? That was the question everyone wanted an answer to. But I couldn’t figure out how we’d find exactly what we needed. I’ve been sewing since I was eleven so it wouldn’t be hard to make the costumes if I could find the right patterns.

This meant a shopping trip!

I talked a dear friend who’s one of the actors into braving the craziness of city traffic and holiday shoppers to go shopping, or should I say hunting. If anyone knows what it’s like to shop with me, they probably would run and hide until I left without them, but I forgot to warn her. You see, ‘shop till you drop’ is a motto that fits me perfectly. Oh, she was unsuspecting. And the fact that we were looking for vintage material and patterns was going to add an extra element of difficulty to the day.

When we entered the store, my pulse quickened. All the choices, all the ideas flooded my senses. Straight to the pattern book table we went. An hour later, we had a good handle on the patterns, but then it was time to start the most difficult part, the material search. Pick this up, put it back. Oh that’s the wrong shade but the right texture. Where’s this, what’s that? That’s way too expensive!

Then voila, we had the perfect material for each costume at just the right price.

I used my penny pinching skills to get great deals on most of the material. God was looking out for us because even most of the patterns were on a dollar sale. I saved over forty dollars on the patterns alone.

I’m starting today. There are four costumes and two aprons, all vintage. I’m shaking with anticipation. What a great opportunity to serve the Lord!

Do you sew? What’s the most recent project you’ve worked on?


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