Thanksgiving Is Almost Here

I can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving! My mind is whirling with all the possibilities of tantalizing dishes I may cook. I can’t wait to pull out my cook books.

Every year my family tries to do something special for Thanksgiving with our food. Some years we make dishes from other countries and a few years we did lasagna instead of the traditional meal. This year we’re going to do something artistic with some of the dishes. I can’t wait to show you the pictures of what everyone comes up with.Thanksgiving

One of my top favorite things about this season is the time I spend with the kids as we crowd in the kitchen to cook together. My kids have been cooking since they turned eight.Kid cooking 1 It’s one of those life skills we found very important to teach them. And they are great at it. They aren’t afraid to try new things to eat or cook. And they’ll give me a list of all the ingredients they’ll need when they pick the dish they plan to make so it’s just the way they want it. It’s just pure fun.

The biggest problem I face is the amount of food that crowds every inch of the tables we set out for the dinner. When everyone’s done eating, I always struggle to find places to store it all. But that’s not really a problem, is it?

Do your kids like to cook? What’s their favorite thing to make?



6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Is Almost Here

  1. I too, love to cook and bake. I’ve a few specialty dishes, like mine own recipe for stuffed pasta, which I named Pasta Isabella after my mom. [her name was Elizabeth] I also like to experiment and can make a tasty soup – there’s some tortellini and sausage soup leftovers in my fridge even now. But my personal specialty, secret recipe even – as in not even written down anywhere – is my cinnamon rolls / bread / coffee ring – basically whatever variation I can manipulate it into – is my primo signature dish! Perhaps I’ll blog about it…..

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  2. Like to cook? Not remotely. I can barely get my kids to make toast for themselves. Sometimes it seems that they would rather go hungry than cook for themselves. However, my daughter has learned to bake cookies and at 11 was baking whole batches by herself.

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    • I have the opposite problem. THey’ll get in the kitchen and make themselves dinner before I notice them. So the dinner I was going to cook never gets made. I have to catch them really early most days.


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