5 Things I Hate About My Office Chair

This was a post I wrote a long time ago but I love it. Hope you enjoy it, too.

Erin Unger, Writer of Killer Romance

Have you ever dragged yourself to your home office after hours of trying to find something, anything to do rather than focus on the work waiting for you? Does your door post have claw marks leading into your office? And, did even the neighbors hear you whining about forcing yourself into that room of dread? Well, all of these things are true for me. And, it’s all because of THE CHAIR.

Some days you wouldn’t believe the lengths I will go to in avoidance of THE CHAIR. You must be asking yourself what’s wrong with it? Is it hard, uncomfortable in the most unmentionable way? Or is it hooked to a brain sucking machine that has me fearing for my life? No, but it has the power to distract me more than any other piece of equipment in my office.

On cerain days, if you peaked in, you may see me:

  • twirling from side to side
  • Hanging upside down as it flies across…

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